Leonardo da Vinci was one of the greatest creative thinkers during the Italian Renaissance. Greatly influential as an artist, he created some of the worlds most famous paintings, like The Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. However, his brillant mind and his genius comes from his ability to merge science and art. His scientific understanding let him go beyond any limit, imagining inventions like the bicycle,  airplane, helicopter and parachute. The company founders Urs Ruggaber and Salvatore Gandolfo aim to follow this path. The name LEODAVIN has been chosen on purpose. The founder, Urs Ruggaber is nicknamed “LEO” (a homage to Leonadro Davinci) due to his daily work of making the impossible possible and the name VIN = Winner. The name LEODAVIN will be used for all entities, such as Switzerland and USA.

LEODAVIN is the bridge between your ideas and reality; 

we aim to bring your ideas to life. 

Urs Ruggaber and Salvatore Gandolfo, the founders of the company, are addicted to and inspired by the passion for innovation and novelties. With each over 25 years of experience in the developments business, they will join their know how and synergies, under the roof of LEODAVIN. LEODAVIN is "The Incubator" that ensures ideas will always have the opportunity to successfully materialize. Abstract ideas are welcome to the free thinking environment of LEODAVIN. Together we can create revolutionary ideas that can transform our world and  society. Ruggabers  and Gandolfos expertise in entrepreneurship and leadership in business development is the valuable assest to any company. Whether you are an existing company looking for a development, a start-up company or an entrepreneur, LEODAVIN is your idea "Incubator". Many great ideas exist because they had incubating help to grow them.